It’s that time of the year again! Another school term has flown by and the little one’s are off school. With the beautiful spring weather in full bloom, there’s plenty of exciting ways to can keep them occupied during the break. 

The warm weather brings an abundance of different options for entertaining your children. It’s especially important for kids to spend time outside after the winter months, so make sure to encourage as much outdoor activity as possible.

Spending time outdoors is vital for a child’s development, multiple studies state that it boosts their creativity, improves their attention span and even strengthens their immune system. 

Sports like soccer are great for the school break because not only do they encourage your child to take part in activity, they also have a social component to them and help them to develop their team work and cooperation skills. The Crocodile Creek 5” Playground balls are available in a wide range of patterns and are perfect for a variety of activities, from soccer to dodgeball. 


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Another great activity for the school holidays is setting up a play circuit in the back garden. Set up a few different stations with different toys that children can play with. For example, the first station might have a hula hoop, the second could have a skipping rope and so on. After fifteen minutes or so encourage the kids to swap stations so that they can play with something else. This is a wonderful way to keep the kids active and entertained all afternoon long!



In the spirit of spring, spending some time in the garden with your children can be an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. Another fun activity is to buy some seeds at your local garden store and plant them in the back garden. This is a great opportunity to teach your little one’s how things grow and give them a sense of responsibility. They will love seeing their plants grow! All the digging is a great way to keep them active too.

Do you have any ideas for keeping your children active during the school break? Share your thoughts below in the comments!

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