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To Daniel Mauritzson, toy designer at BRIO R&D headquarters in Sweden, toys are meant for more than simply pacifying children. To Daniel, one of the top priorities when designing a toy is ensuring it helps children grow through play.

This belief is grounded deep in the philosophy behind BRIO. They are dedicated to a simple design language, creating toys that open up a world of fun for infants and children. This play-philosophy inspires all BRIO products and has stayed true since the birth of the company.

Since its establishment in 1884 in Sweden, BRIO has been entertaining children with superb toys. Many of BRIO’s early designs, such as the Stacking Clown continue to delight children today. Created by Ivar Bengtsson and his wife Sissa Persdotter, this family business remains at the forefront of exceptional children’s toys. Providing a perfect blend of classic entertainment with modern influences, BRIO’s range has been keeping curious little minds occupied for over a century.

However, maintaining timeless entertainment doesn’t mean BRIO passes up opportunities for innovation. Recently, BRIO have taken the next step by combining their classic style with new technology.

BRIO’s World Railway app brings the 130 year old brand to your phone or tablet. The company’s first ever app gives young children an opportunity to practice and develop their creativity in a playful way by allowing them to build their own railway layout complete with tracks, trains, characters and other accessories from the BRIO World. The app brings the railway to life, creating endless interactive entertainment.

BRIO’s Battery Train with app function (pictured above) also utilises app technology, allowing you to control the train remotely from a tablet, creating hours of fun.

BRIO also has made it possible to combine technology with their classic physical toys. The BRIO Freight Battery Engine is the perfect match for any young train fanatics. This unique, durable retro design has real headlights and buttons that allow it to move forward, backward or stop in its tracks.

The BRIO Freight Battery Engine is also perfect to pair with the classic My First Take Along Set. This play bag is easily transportable, making it perfect to take wherever you go. This versatile set blends BRIO’s classic design with modern innovation and is perfect for families that are always on the go.  Simply open the bag and your ready to go! 

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