Try these games to get the kids outdoors now that it's warming up!

Bottle bowling

Outdoor bowling is a great way for your child to have fun with friends or even friendly family competition time!
Recycle and reuse your empty juice or soda bottles to create a bowling game, you can even have the kids paint and decorate them to their liking.

Great for hand eye coordination and family time.


Hand ball
Can be played with 2 or more players all you need is a ball, a flat surface and chalk!
Outline 2 squares (or more depending on number of players) on the ground that touches each other.

Each player stands in a square, with one serving. Start the game by bouncing the ball in your square once and then hitting it into one of the other player’s square.
The receiver then bounces the ball in their own square, then hit the ball into the opponents square. If the ball bounces in a player’s square they must hit it or they are loose a point the other player gets a point.

Great way to built motor skills and hand eye coordination!

Ball obstacle course
Set up an obstacle course where your child has to dribble the ball in and out of or through obstacles, like a mini soccer practice!
Use items such as chairs, tables, tyres, ropes, cones, rocks and boxes to set up obstacles for your child to explore moving around, over and through.
Encourage your child to help decide the obstacle course they will create and what must be done.

Great for basic motor skills, body control and problem solving!

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