If you’re a parent, you know that bedtime can be challenging. But how can you craft a good bedtime routine? To help you here are four tips for making bedtime easier!

  • A Family Routine

There’s nothing worse than a grumpy mum, dad or little one with no sleep. That’s why it is important to make sleep a family priority. Establish routines as a family for wake up and night bed times to ensure consistency with your sleep patterns. As sleep times become similar, your children learn to be sleepy, similar to an adult becoming sleepy after reading a book in bed.

  • A Bedtime Chart

Whether your routine is a bath then reading or a cuddle, your little one will associate bedtime with good feelings. Routine works, your kids thrive on it. So why not give it a go? A great idea to establish is through a Bedtime Chart. For those restless little ones, establishing a Bedtime Chart is a great step-by-step approach leading to the land of nod.  Outlining the 4 B’s: Bath, Brush teeth, Book and Bed with pictures, the chart is definite, children are less likely to break the routine once it’s printed.

  • Bedtime Buddy

As bedtime means separation from mum and dad, it can be a little daunting for kids. Help your little one cope with a friend that can substitute for you when leaving the room. Whether it is their favourite stuffed animal or blankey, something they associate with comfort and security will encourage falling into a good night’s sleep.

Examples of cute bedtime buddies:




  • Night Light

The 2 in 1 Peppa Pig night-light and torch offers a friendly face for your little ones at lights-out. Watch Peppa glow when stationary and marvellously become a torch when picked up! With easy function for kid-friendly usage, Peppa helps to ease your little one into the land of nod.


  • Avoid stimulating activities

The time leading up to sleep should be a relaxed and calm environment. By avoiding high-impact activities and television after dinner, your little one starts to associate this time with bed time therefore toning themselves down. This can be encourages through routine, including bath time, talking about their day then reading books. The environment in their room should also be calm and comfortable, with limited toys around bed except favourite toy they sleep with, a nice temperature (not too warm or cold), mood lighting and comfortable pyjamas that aren’t restrictive to sleep in.

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