Heading back to school after the holidays can be stressful for both children and their parents. To ensure this transition goes smoothly, we’ve compiled some helpful tips to ensure both of you have a successful term.

Plan out your week in advance

The school term can be hectic and stressful for busy parents. Between getting them to school, preparing lunches and organising play dates, it can seem like there’s hardly a minute to spare. A helpful tip can be to use a wall calendar to keep track of the week’s tasks. This is a great way to include them and give them some responsibility. Jot down anything they need to do, such as make their bed and get them to cross it off the list once the task has been completed. 

This Days of the Week Planner from RoomMates is our favourite way to stay organised during the school term! 



Prepare lunches for the week ahead

To minimise stress during the week, set aside some time on the weekend to prepare their lunches. This makes it easier to ensure they are getting all their nutrients and save time during the week. Include your child in this process to speed it up! Some lunches can even be made in advance and frozen for your convenience!

Crocodile Creek’s range of lunch boxes can be used to store lunches in the fridge, perfect for keeping food fresh. With a variety of designs to choose from, your child can express their unique style in the schoolyard. 



Keep hydrated

Help them perform their best in school this term by teaching them healthy habits. They are more likely to finish their lunches and stay hydrated if they understand the reasoning behind it.

Research shows that children will absorb more information during the school day if they eat well and drink plenty of water.

We love Crocodile Creek’s array of fun, durable bottles. With several designs to choose from, you can make it more fun for your child to stay hydrated while in school. Crocodile Creek’s new Tritan range will certainly set your little one apart on the playground, helping them express their unique style.



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