Adults have a formulative role to play in a childs playtime experience. Read more.

In our last post Children Learn Through Play we documented just how important the role of play can be in a child’s development and of course adults have a role to play in this as well. Adults can join in on play through both unstructured and structured play.

Unstructured play is free and organic with activities including building blocks, playing dress ups or joining in on the musical band. Structured play on the other hand is planned, more organized and usually occurs at a fixed time guided by an adult. Structured play can be story time, swimming lessons or family time. This allows for the adult to determine what goes on and to lead your child in the direction you decide.

Adults have a significant role in play and in helping to shape their child’s development. It is important to generally let your child lead in playtime and join in when invited. The role involves many different aspects such as knowing when to intervene and when to step back and watch. It is essential to make your child feel comfortable expressing themselves and encourage their efforts. The adults’ role in play is forever changing especially when your child starts to grow and develop. Parent/child playtime is priceless so enjoy it while it lasts! 

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