How to teach your kids about bullying.

When it comes to the well-being of our children, we want to know they are safe, happy and healthy in their environment, whether it be at school, around home or in a public area. Bullying can happen in many forms within each of these environments. If your child is suffering from bullying or could be demonstrating bullying tendencies themselves, it is vital as parents that we recognise the signs and address them as quickly as we can. The effects of bullying can have serious effects on a child’s development and leave a lasting impression on all involved.

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8 Creative and cheap activities for kids this weekend!

School holidays are here and that means finding activities and entertainment for the kids! Why not try these budget friendly and fun ideas that will not only save you money but keep the kids happy!

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How to make cleaning fun for the kids!

Every parent can understand that our little ones love fun and that fun often means a little bit of mess!

So these school holidays, why not get the kids excited about housework! Sound too good to be true? Try out these tips and tricks into turning housework into a game!

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Tips On Keeping Healthy This Autumn With The Family

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, with its amazing colours and falling leaves. As the fall from the trees, and look amazing, but the best part, they crunch when you stomp on them. The kids will have a grand old time. It’s also a great time to be thinking about your health, as well as that of the whole family.

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Easter Arts, Crafts and DIY!

Easter is just around the corner, so of course it’s time to celebrate, but how?

Well we’ve got just the right solutions for you to make this Easter fun for the whole family!

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