Selecting the perfect Christmas gift for your little ones can be quite a challenge. With such active imaginations, it’s important to choose a toy that can entertain, engage and bring joy to your child beyond the holiday season. 

Capturing your child’s imagination and nurturing their creativity through toys that encourage their developmental and learning processes will help them further grow and advance their skills, ensuring they gain self-confidence and independence.

To help busy mums and dads on the hunt for engaging gifts that your child will love this Christmas, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite toys for growing little minds! 



Crocodile Creek Infant Ball

Crocodile Creek’s range of Infant Balls are perfect for encouraging your child’s hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. Made from soft material and available in a range of colours and patterns, these balls will help encourage your little one’s love of movement and exercise. 



BRIO Race Car

Encourage your future racecar driver’s imagination and help them explore the exciting world around them with BRIO’s Race Car Assortment. With a sturdy wooden body this car is perfect for teaching children about their own strength and dexterity, as they push their co-driver  - real hands on learning. 



BRIO Abacus with Clock

This classic toy is a fun early introduction to numbers, counting and learning to tell the time. Your little ones with be enthralled by this pedagogic toy as it helps foster engagement through colourful beads and movable clock hands. 



Crocodile Creek Puzzles

Puzzles are great for big kids and little kids alike, helping them to challenge their thinking and exercise their minds. For children, puzzles help to develop cognitive skills, encourage hand-eye coordination whilst enhancing and promoting cooperative play with others. 



BRIO My First Take Along Set

If you’re planning on travelling this Christmas, the perfect gift will be one you can take with you. This bright and exciting beginner railway set is a great way to develop children’s hand eye coordination and spark their imagination as they play conductor to their very own train.

To learn more about the hugely important role that playtime has in your child’s learning process, read our blog post on How Play Can Benefit Your Child’s Development




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