Preparing a nursery for your little arrival is part of the necessary process to help you feel ready for them. This organisation process will help you feel connected with your unborn child, as well as help to make their big entrance more special. 

Creating the perfect nursery also does more than just help you feel prepared. Upon the arrival of your child, this space will provide an influential environment for your little one every day.

What you may not realise is a nursery is essential for their health and happiness. Additionally, design choices can influence their behaviour even as an infant. Soft, calm colours will help soothe and console your baby, while brighter more vibrant colours can create an overwhelming environment for their little eyes.

When it comes to creating the perfect space, it’s important to make sure you have all the essentials. During the first few months, many new parents elect for a bassinet style bed, making it easier to move sleeping little ones from room to room to keep an eye on them. The Moses Basket from Born with Style is one of our favourite products to make carrying your baby around that much easier.

Once your little one outgrows a bassinet, selecting a proper crib is also a necessity. A firm, flat mattress with safe enclosures is critical to ensuring your little one feels safe and secure throughout the whole night.


Additionally, a sturdy changing table and organization stations are great ways to add to the nursery with style. Products like the Worlds Apart Bear Hug Stack Storage are a great way to keep the comforting style that you‘ll need for your infant, whilst helping you to stay collected and organised.

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After adding all the furniture that you require, making the room cosy is just as important. Décor that stimulates and soothes the baby are a great addition to create the perfect nursery environment. Roommates Wall Decals are a great way to add a splash of colour or pretty designs to any child’s room.

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