Cooking is a great way for kids to express their creativity and get involved in preparations for the Christmas festivities. This educational activity is a great means of encouraging their learning, especially in relation to hand-eye coordination, organisation skills and healthy eating habits. 

While it can be time consuming to start teaching your little ones kitchen skills, the Christmas holidays are the perfect time to break out the dessert spoon and get children excited about the kitchen. When they see how much work goes into baking and cooking, they may even be more inclined to finish off all their meals.



Most kids absolutely love helping their parents out with cooking, but it’s not always easy to find age appropriate tasks to get them engaged. We have some fun and exciting recipes little ones of all ages will enjoy this holiday season.

For toddlers, a great way to introduce them to cooking is to have them help with preparations. Whether they help to decide on a recipe or pass ingredients whilst cooking, there’s no limit of ways for them to get involved.

Decorating cupcakes is also another way to let littles ones grow their imagination and get creative as they use yummy fruit, sweet treats and icing to make fun faces and designs on their cupcake. Try using food colouring to make red or green icing for a Santa or Christmas tree themed treats your kids are bound to love. You can even add a small amount of food colouring to the cupcake mix for an additional twist.



Get the kids involved with creating an alternative version of the classic gingerbread cookie, by adding a creamy layer of vanilla ice-cream between the gingerbread men. Simply take a scoop of ice cream and place on one side of a cooled gingerbread cookie and smooth carefully until flat, placing the another cookie on top and smoothing the excess from around the edges.

Another creative and healthy recipe for kids are yummy Christmas themed fruit skewers. Try cutting up banana into round slices, placing three on a skewer followed by a strawberry and topped with decorations of your choice for a delicious snowman!

Spending time with your mini chefs in the kitchen has an array of benefits from presenting itself as a great bonding opportunity to strengthening their team work and coordination skills, so don’t miss out on trying some of these fun Christmas cooking ideas this holiday season!

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