Getting kids excited for heading off to school can be a challenge at the best of times, but getting them engaged with learning after almost six weeks away from the classroom can be extremely daunting for parents.  

Inspire the growing mind of your little one and get them excited for a year of fun, creativity and learning by personalising their school supplies. These are easy ways to decorate your child’s books and stationary to ease them back into school routines. 



The Easy Route - Covering Exercise Books

Whilst it may seem like a simple idea, covering your child’s exercise books in contact is a great way to personalise their supplies without having to spend a fortune on the book itself. Kids will love being able to pick their favourite design and being able to help their parents whilst they cover their books!

Avoid the dreaded air bubbles by using a ruler when applying contact to the front and back covers. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to contacting books, with any unfortunate bubbles easily fixed with a quick pin prick. 



Make It Creative

Kids absolutely love arts and crafts, so why not enlist their help to get super creative and create a collage for their books, binders or diary covers! From old newspapers and magazines to images of their favourite characters and animals, there is no limit of the resources kids can utilise to make their school supplies unique.

Try using stickers or printed washi tape to keep pictures in place and add an extra touch of creativity to their supplies. Thin washi tape also works well to decorate pencils and ensure your little one hangs onto them for as long as possible.


Get Them Involved

Make sure your children are as excited as you are for them to head back to school by getting them involved in the stationary personalisation process. Take that beautiful drawing they did over the holidays and turn it into a fun cover for their books, or ask them to create something new!


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