Playtime is one of the most crucial aspects of a child’s life. This time allows little ones to refine motor skills, expand communication skills and utilises their imagination along with so much more. 

Technology continues to grow as a crucial part of our society, redefining the way we communicate, travel and live. As technology grows, we’ve begun to see a cross over from it being a category of its own, to making its place in our children’s toys.

But is it possible to combine traditional toys with the highly advanced technological toys of the future? We certainly believe so. By blending screens with physical play, you can create a more powerful experience by interacting virtually and seeing it live right in front of you, and games like Woofy Whoops (coming soon to Toyworld) do just that. By connecting your smart phone, you are given the ability to instantly re-live hilarious game moments by watching back videos of your family playing!

Interactive toys are great at engaging your little ones. These types of toys challenge them to think, feel and react differently than a traditional toy would. Games like Spin to Sing and SelfieMic from Worlds Apart are both doing their part in this technological transition. SelfieMic allows children to create their own music videos by selecting their favourite song from over a thousand options, and recording with the built in Selfie Stick, ear piece and microphone. Spin to Sing gets the whole family involved! To play, simply download the FREE app, then spin the mic to select a performer to sing a track selected from within the app or smartphone.

Also, with the growth of technology continuing to be on the rise, this exposure to technology will help children to be more competent as they became more engaged with the world around them. Technology can be considered a “multi-literate” activity, encouraging children to interpret complex and three-dimensional visual environments like never before.

Products available from Childsmart such as SelfieMic, Spin to Sing and Woofy Whoops are all perfect examples of this harmonious union of technology and tradition. Interaction with the virtual app combined with the physical part of the game provides a stronger experience rather than passively watching something on a screen.

Action packed interactive board games like those described above are predicted to be on the rise in 2017. By keeping the balance between tradition and new technology in your children’s toys, you are guaranteed a product that will keep them entertained this winter.  




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