With the holiday season drawing to a close and little ones preparing to head back to school, this long weekend is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy some quality time together as a family. Whilst keeping kids entertained is not always easy, these fun activities are bound to excite and delight the entire family!

Make the most of the glorious summer sunshine and encourage kids to get active with outdoor games. Family games of soccer and backyard cricket are truly essential Australian summer activities, and also great ways to ensure kids are full of motivation heading into the new school year and sports seasons. 



For more awesome outdoor fun try LimboHop. In this super fun game players have to avoid the dreaded spinner whilst scoring points, keeping kids both active and engaged. This game can be played in teams and is suitable for children of all ages, making it perfect for the whole family to enjoy this long weekend! 



We always find ourselves in stitches after a fun encounter with Woofy. Woofy Whoops is a hilarious game guaranteed to have the whole family in stitches as they take turns petting Woofy and trying to avoid his spray.  And with an exciting slow motion recapture feature, you can keep the laughs rolling and share with family and friends.


Whilst many families perhaps spend a little too much time in front of the television watching their favourite family friendly shows, there no question that kids are absolutely enthralled by TV talent shows such as The Voice and X Factor.  Why not bring the stage into your own home and get kids involved in a family talent show this long weekend. 



Spin to Sing is the interactive game catering to all ages and allowing players to sing along to their favourite pop songs directly from a smartphone. Record your little ones rise to superstardom, capturing cherished memories which can be shared with the extended family!


For more ideas for keeping the kids entertained this long weekend, read our blog post on Outdoor Activities for the whole family




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