Sleep is essential for proper development in children, refining their ability to learn and retain new information. Sleep has a large impact on two specific types of memory retention: declarative and procedural memory, making it vital that your little one gets enough each night.

Declarative memory deals with the conscious mind, intentional recollection of facts and past experiences. Research concludes that REM (rapid-eye-movement sleep), the sleep cycle where dreaming occurs, plays a crucial role in declarative memory and processing new information. REM sleep occurs during the fourth and final sleep stage of the sleep cycle, which occurs every 90-110 minutes in adults and every 45 minutes in children under 10. 

Creating a bedroom that your child feels comfortable and safe in is the key to ensuring they sleep well each night. Toddler beds from Worlds Apart are designed specifically for young children and come in a variety of styles to suit their individual interests. You can find a selection of these, including the Star Bright bed pictured, at Baby & Toddler Town. The Cars GoGlow Pal nightlight (pictured above) is also perfect for little ones who aren’t quite ready to face the dark. 

Procedural memory is another vital cognitive process that requires adequate sleep. Procedural memory deals with remembering “how-to” activities, such as riding a bike or writing. The brain processes different activities in procedural memory during different stages of sleep, for example, motor skills typically depend on lighter and early stages of sleep, whereas certain visual skills are dealt with during deeper, mid-cycle sleep as well as REM. REM plays a vital role in the consolidation of procedural memory. It is for this reason it is essential for children, as well as adults, to have full complete cycles and a full night’s sleep each night.

Adding a Worlds Apart Bear Hug Desk to your children’s room is a fantastic way to help refine those “how-to” activities before your little Einstein goes to sleep. Fusing creativity with an elegant design, this desk is perfect for practicing writing, drawing and other hand-eye coordination related skills.

Ensuring your child is getting the sleep that they need is essential not only for their ability to learn and retain information but also in regulating emotions, maintaining energy levels and helping to keep them focused throughout the day. Keep your child happy and rested with our tips, ensuring both you and your little one sleep through the night and are ready to take on the day ahead!

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