The world of e-commerce is a crowded and competitive space. In order to increase your online sales and ROI, it is important to develop a robust online and digital strategy that will both attract customers to your website and ensure target sales conversions are met month after month.

There are various ways to encourage customers to visit your online store and engage your audience and fans. This includes utilising social media, communicating with your customers through email newsletters and blog posts and offering seasonal promotions, discounts and other retail incentives.

Below are some of our recommended tips for increasing your reach and attracting online clientele.


1. Utilise Online Adverting

Social media advertising allows you to easily attract new potential customers through the use of sophisticated targeting, designed to make ads more personalised and relevant to the interests of online consumers. Consider allocating a small budget to Facebook advertising each month to expand your business reach and generate sales.


2. Send Out Email Newsletters

Creating fortnightly email newsletters allows your business to communicate important information and news to your customers, such as sales and events.  Incorporating a call to action into your email newsletter with direct links to relevant pages on your website will allow you to direct traffic to your e-commerce site while measuring and tracking what your audience responds to in order to further refine your message. Encourage customers to sign up by offering them discount or sneak peeks of upcoming product releases.


3. Grow Your Social Media Presence

Staying active on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter allows your business to directly engage with your audience. Interacting with your audience is imperative to building a loyal customer base and reaching new audiences. Social media also allows you to gain insight into how your customers interact with your products and will allow you to develop an active community.


Also, by developing a monthly social calendar that aligns content with key dates, seasonal events, public holidays and upcoming product releases and promotions will allow you to stay relevant.


4. Create a Blog

Blogs are a great platform for businesses to offer consumers a greater insight into products and brands through informative posts.


By planning your blog content in advance around monthly themes, you can generate topics relevant to key events and dates, as well as tips and tricks that will engage your audience, such as Our Top Three Back to School Tips.

By implementing these digital strategies, your store is bound to see an increase in sales in no time! Feel free to share your tips and tricks for maximising online potential in the comments! 



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