Looking to redecorate your kid’s bedroom without breaking the bank?

With a reasonable budget and a little creativity you can turn any room into something magical. For the boy with a love for fast cars and adventure movies, we’ve collated a few simple tips to help you create a bedroom he’ll love… and won’t grow out of in a few months!

The new Cars 3 premieres in cinemas on Thursday 22 June and we’ve anticipated a frenzy that won’t stop once the movie ends. Forget the fuss of paint and measuring tape, and check out our favourite tips below.

One of the perils of raising a toddler – whether they’re overactive or generally relaxed – is getting them to stay in their room and sleep in their own bed. This can be remedied with a variety of tools like establishing a consistent bedtime, reducing stress or providing a restful environment. However, a great tip to you might not have considered is a transitionary toddler bed.

The bold colours and dynamic character imagery of this Lightening McQueen Toddler bed (available here) is one of our favourite ways to instantly transform a space. An exciting feature piece for a child’s room, this bed is low to the ground and complete with protective side panels to prevent bedtime tumbles during the night, making it a helpful sleep aid.

Want to get your little superstar racing to clean up after playtime?

One of our favourite ways to add an element of themed fun, excitement and cleanliness to a room, is with World Apart’s awesome Cars 6 Bin Storage, available to purchase here. Not only will your children be encouraged to keep their room clean and well organised, but also when it’s not in use, the storage box is a great way to invite colour and personality to a space.

It might take some time to get your child into the habit of tidying, but eventually they’ll love being in the driving seat of keeping their own room clutter-free.

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