The first year of a child’s life is one of the most crucial times of their development. Within these early months, their brain grows rapidly as they take in information and learn new skills. For this reason, early learning is essential for the proper development of a child’s cognitive function and overall behaviour.

There are a number of different ways to support your child’s early education.

Movement based activities have a profound influence on their brain growth and neurological function. 

One of our favourite movement toys is the BRIO Motion Wobbler. Part infant rattle and part toy, its wobble movement is an ideal design for baby’s sense development.

During the first 3-4 months of life, babies spend most of their time gaining coordination skills, such as grabbing at things and kicking. These motor skills are crucial for future development and toys that are easy for them to hold are ideal at this stage.

Around the 5-6 month mark, young children absolutely love textures. Babies often master the art of sitting up without help at this stage and are immediately interested in toys that roll or move. Toys such as the BRIO Pull Along Giraffe are great for children of this age. By pulling the string and moving the giraffe along, they are encouraged to move or crawl with the toy, further developing their mobility skills. 

By 7-12 months, babies are beginning to realise that with every action comes a reaction. Toys that have a strong effect due to the child’s actions are great to help them solidify these concepts.

The BRIO Stacking Clown is a wonderful option for helping little ones grow their problem solving skills. This classic wooden toy teaches colours, coordination and order.

It is also crucial to aid these littler learners throughout their early education process. Recent research conducted has revealed nurturing to be essential to development, with children who received high amounts of nurturing found to have significantly higher brain function than those who did not.

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