Considered a perfect gift for expecting parents, did you know the benefits of your newborn’s first blanket extend far beyond providing warmth for your little one?

The sentiment and nostalgia surrounding a special blanket can provide a sense of comfort and security throughout infantry, childhood, adolescence and even adulthood.


While your initial opinion on a blanket may be purely aesthetic, it’s important to consider the potential developmental benefits for your child.



Encourages Safe and Sound Sleep

One of the first blankets your baby is likely to use is a swaddling blanket (often referred to as a cloth) like this one from Rosie Pope. It’s said to mirror the comfort of being in the womb, encouraging positive sleep association.  A deep REM sleep is believed to assist with self-comfort, allowing newborns to use their fingers as a pacifier when feeling restless.



Comfort and Security

It’s not unusual for a newborn to form an attachment to soft objects they can hold close to their nose or mouth, like a fuzzy toy or this blanket from CoCaLo.


Many experts and parents believe that a security blanket is a great transitional tool for newborns, providing temporary benefits, mimicking the comfort they experience from being close to their parents. A security blanket can be the first source of independence for your little one.



Sensory Development

As an adult, we can be drawn to certain patterns, colours, shades and materials – which is a similar experience for newborns. These variables encourage different sensations through touch and sight, providing a learning experience, which promotes healthy curiosity.


Give your baby a variety of options to choose from and see what they’re naturally drawn to. A good place to start would be with this Rose Pope Lemon Blanket.

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