Play is a great way to make education more exciting for your little one, helping them develop a wide range of skills and understand the world around them. Through engaging in role play, they can make sense of real life situations, improve their communication and language skills, develop awareness of themselves and explore different situations.  

Role play can help assist with your child’s cognitive development. By mimicking things they see in real life, such as their parents shopping or cooking, children can better understand the world around them. This type of behaviour is essential for enhancing their problem solving skills and helps them develop reasoning abilities. BRIO’s Kitchen and Accessories are a fantastic place to start encouraging this behaviour. Featuring a sink and stove combo with a real digital clock and sound effects, they can experiment in a safe way.

Role play can also help children make sense of unfamiliar circumstances. For example, pretending to play as a doctor or teacher will make these situations less daunting when they are encountered in real life. These types of pretend scenarios can help children understand different situations and grow their confidence levels. 

By coming up with scenarios on their own, children are put in charge of their own creative world and what happens within it. The Worlds Apart Rose Petal Cottage is perfect for fuelling their imaginations. Packed full of features such as an opening door with letterbox, opening shutters, a working shelf, a mirror and a real photo frame for pictures of family and friends, they’ll be occupied for hours.

By letting their minds run free during role play, children develop a sense of self-esteem and improve their problem solving and social skills. Role play also encourages children to be proactive and create their own fun, ensuring they learn how to keep themselves entertained.

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