Here are some of our favourite tips and tricks to create a space to help to improve your child’s learning habits.

Did you know there are opportunities to use your kid’s bedroom as a tool to encourage their educational development, while still maintaining a fun environment?

We see a child’s bedroom as so much more than a place to sleep – in fact; it can be a great environment to encourage their curiosity, independence and exploration.

Here are some of our favourite tips and tricks to create a space to help to improve your child’s learning habits.


Looking for ways to calm down your hyperactive child? Often excitement can distract your little one, inhibiting their ability to absorb new information.

Research shows that colour has the ability to inspire, excite and even sooth. With this is mind, using colours like blue, pink, and yellow can help to foster a calm environment that aids in concentration. Orange and green however, can help with comprehension and memory.

Painting an entire room to assist in concentration seems like a big effort – but ProArt Murals are simple alternatives that you can do on a budget!

They’re a simple way to transform any room to a place that encourages creativity and imagine. Available in simple patterns to highly detailed artworks, this Frozen mural is one of our favourites.

Available to buy from Knock on Wood Toys 



Play time is a great opportunity to encourage your little one to utilise their imagination, patience and problem solving skills … but we often find, the more the fun, the more clutter!

Aside from teaching them responsibility, a room that’s clean and well organised can assist with the health and development of your child. Often their sense of independence and ability to handle responsibility can also be tied to how neatly they keep their living spaces.

Don’t worry Mum and Dad; we understand that getting children to play along and tidy up isn’t always fun or easy, but having a more exciting method may speed the process along.

Try using a fun system like colour-coded toy boxes, or better yet, the Thomas the Tank Engine Toy box and Bin Storage which are available at Harvey Norman Big Buys. They’re both great ways to help keep toys off the floor, while being easily accessible to your little one when inspiration strikes them.



With constantly developing interests and new fascinations, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with your children’s latest obsession. One week it’s Star Wars, the next Week it’s Disney Princesses! Rather than completing a room makeover every time your little one tries to explain to you the intricacies of their new favourite superhero, have a few RoomMates decals on hand.

RoomMates are repositionable which means that if your little one is feeling picky and wants to move their decal from one wall to another, it’s a simple, fuss-free task. Best of all, it’s the fraction of the price of a full room makeover, making it a stylish addition to any home bedroom, bathroom or play area.

Create a warm message or a series of their favourite characters to liven up their space. The application process is fast and easy, so why not have the kids join in on the fun? Simply peel the backing off your chosen decal, press it onto the wall and you’re done!

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