It’s not always easy to keep the kids entertained over the Christmas holidays. Even harder yet, is trying to keep them active and maintaining healthy habits while they are away from school. Engaging outdoor games and activities are a great way to make sure your kids stay off the couch and away from television, laptop and iPad screens long enough to enjoy their summer break and the beautiful weather, whilst also encouraging important healthy routines. 

A great way to keep little ones active and engaged in healthy activities over the holidays is to set a daily schedule to ensure they stay organised and busy during the school break. By encouraging your children to be dressed by a certain time will help them ease back into their school schedule towards the end of the holidays. 



Plan some kind of exercise for your child each day to keep them active, this may be as simple as getting outside and kicking a ball around with their siblings or friends. Crocodile Creek offer a wide range of both soft and hard balls that are perfect for energetic kids of all ages and with designs ranging from butterflies to robots, there is bound to be a ball perfect for your little soccer star. 



For little ones who just can’t seem to keep still, LimboHop is the perfect indoor outdoor game that will keep kids moving and engaged all holiday. Great for playing with friends and family, LimboHop challenges kids to limbo under or hop over the sweeper all while scoring points on the built in tabs as you go. Active games, such as LimboHop are great for getting the family active together and encouraging kids to keep entertained with laughter and movement throughout the holidays.



Whether you’re heading off for a family vacation or planning a day of activities outdoors, a fun way to keep kids excited about these the great outdoors is with patterned accessories. Lunchboxes, drink bottles and backpacks are great for keeping little ones organised whilst on the go.


Crocodile Creek’s Tritan Bottles are perfect for ensuring that your children stay hydrated while they are playing outside in the warmer months of the year. Available in many different colours and designs, you’ll be able to find the perfect bottle that will reflect your child’s personality.


For some family bonding time with an active twist, research hiking trails or nature walks in your area. Bring your Tritan Bottles filled with water or fruit juice to stay hydrated during your hike and pack a picnic of healthy sandwiches, vegetables, dips and fruit salad to enjoy together at the end.


If you are looking for some additional ideas to keep your kids active during the holiday season, check out our blog post on Activities To Keep Your Little One Active During The School Holidays.





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