Christmas is a magical time for any child, but it can be a parent’s worst nightmare managing their little one’s Christmas expectations. Rather than worrying over trying to provide them with everything on their Christmas wish list, take small steps to help manage their expectations. This also acts as a great opportunity to teach your children how to understand how to compromise – an important skill that they will need as they get older.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled some great ways to help manage little ones this Christmas.



1. Start an Early Conversation

Communication is key when it comes to managing children’s expectations of Christmas. Try talking through what they can expect prior to the big day to limit chances of disappointment. Simple explanations such as ‘Santa has to bring presents to all the children’, will help your child to understand concepts of sharing and set realistic expectations for Christmas morning. This will also help ensure that your child selects toys that they truly want when they are compiling their wish lists. Teaching children that choices must be made in life is an important concept that will benefit them greatly in the future. 



2. Have Them Pick Gifts for Themselves ​

Another great way to get kids excited for Christmas morning whilst maintaining healthy expectations is to have them choose their own gift. Whilst Santa may still come with a wonderful surprise, by asking children to pick the one gift they truly want, it encourages elation as they wake up to finally unwrap their gift. To maintain a sense of magic and wonder, help your little one write a letter to Santa with their request. For older kids, this is also a great way to educate around cost of buying presents and have them stick to a budget as they choose a gift for themselves. 



3. Place Focus on what’s Really Important at Christmas  

Take the focus off of material things and back onto what is most important at Christmas – quality time spent with family and friends. It is important for parents to remember that the best times we have with our children and family often come with no price tag. A parent’s best gift to their child is the time that they spend with them, creating lasting memories for children. Putting an emphasis on experiences rather than just material items will help shape your child into an individual who will have the ability to experience happiness, without the need for an excess of material items.

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