Bedtime doesn’t always go as planned. Once you get sucked into the plea for ’10 more minutes’ or ‘one more chapter’, bedtime has come and gone. But don’t fret, here are 5 of our favourite tips for making your child’s bedtime battle free!

1. Unplug and unwind
It’s extremely important that your child starts winding down well before their bedtime. While the TV, iPad and computer may form a part of evening activities for many households– switching these off an hour before sleep can make for a more restful night (and less time getting kids off to sleep). Instead opt for more calming activities such as family conversational time where your child can tell you all about their day, reading or listening to gentle music or an audio book.

2. Create a routine
Establishing a bedtime routine for your child that you follow every night is important. By understanding what is to come next your child will be able to feel more at ease and comfortable with the familiarity of it.

We love a bedtime tick list. With half an hour before bedtime, get the kids to go through the list that you’ve attached to the fridge or on their bedside table. Add things like bath, pyjamas on, bedtime treat eaten, teeth brushed, bed time story and finally, sleep!

3. Yoga (book)

Child friendly bedtime yoga is a great way help your child unwind, de-stress and relax. Perfect for transitioning into a more quite and calming state!

4. Bedtime stories
Bet time stories are a great way to spend time with your child as well as to give them a sense of control over their bedtime. Allowing them to chose what stories you read to them each night could help them to not feel so restrained, and be excited for bedtime!
Here are some of our favourite bedtime stories!

Short and sweet
- The hobbit by J. R. R Tolkien 
- Charlottes Web by E. B White
- Matilda by Roald Dahl

- Harry potter series by JK Rowling
- Chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis
- A series of unfortunate events by Lemony Snickett


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