Your child’s bedroom is a place of sanctuary, rest and imagination. Therefore, it is important that you include them when you are selecting new décor for their room. 


Make a shopping list

Sit down with them and plan out exactly what you need, so you don’t get distracted when visiting the store and they know what to keep an eye out for. Store meltdowns can be avoided by firmly letting them know what is and isn’t on the agenda beforehand!

For those who are currently on the hunt for new children’s furniture, our favourite product this month is the Worlds Apart Toddler Bed. Available in a variety of colours and designs, this bed is a great way to showcase your little one’s unique personality and make bedtime more fun.

These versatile beds are made to support children’s transition from a cot to a full-size bed, making them suitable for children aged 18 months-5 years. . Designed specifically for them, it gives them more space to play in their room and with several different themes to choose from, it will help you create an environment that they will love.

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Be sure to include them throughout the furniture selection process. Allowing them to play a larger role in selecting their bedroom furniture helps boost their confidence and will also improve their decision-making skills. They will feel appreciated and valued for having their opinions taken into consideration.

Another one of our absolute favourite bedroom décor pieces are the RoomMates Decals. These wall decals are budget-friendly and allow you to avoid all of the hassle of painting your little one’s room. They are also very easy to install and remove, you can peel and re-stick them without damaging your walls or losing sticker adhesiveness.

Now available to purchase from Toys R Us: and Cheeki Monkey:



Set Boundaries

However, it is also important to set boundaries. Teaching them that they can’t always get exactly what they want will help them learn how to compromise and understand that they can’t always get their own way. If something is unnecessary or out of budget, don’t feel bad about having to say “no”.




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