Spring is here and whether we like it or not, it’s a great time to give your home a good clean before the social season hits. Giving the playroom or kids’ bedrooms an overhaul is no easy job but in order to make it a little simpler, we’ve come up with the four questions you need to ask yourself before Spring cleaning your kids toys. 

Does my child use this toy?

It’s only normal for your child’s toys to go in and out of favour. The old favourite might be long forgotten about and having it front and centre on the shelf probably isn’t worthwhile. Likewise, if a toy hasn’t been used for months it might be time to donate it to another child or send it off to a charity bin.


Is this toy clean? Does it work properly?

Toys can be perfect breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Dilute a mild disinfectant in warm water and give each toy a thorough sponge. It’s also worth inspecting each toy (especially those with batteries) to check whether they’re in good order. A broken or malfunctioning toy is guaranteed to result in tears at some point.


Is this toy accessible when stored?

Baskets, containers and drawers make for easy access and a simpler clean up. Even the most well arranged shelf will be a disaster zone after little hands get to it. Make sure toys are accessible without too much resulting mess. Keep blocks and small toys in containers and larger, popular toys at the front of shelves or the top of toy boxes to make access easy.


What category does this toy fit into?

Keeping all similar toys together makes for easy access, less mess and less “Mum, where is…?” Keep blocks in clear containers side by side. Keep soft toys together in one basket. Stack board games and make sure toys with small pieces are grouped together. Insider’s tip: Keep figurines and small pieces in coloured zip lock bags to save space and keep items from getting lost.


Once you’ve collected unused toys you can donate them to a charity collection like St Vincent de Paul. Find your local shop or donation bin here. Make sure to give them a clean and ensure they are in good, working order. 

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