Try this amazing recipe with the kids.

Finding ideas that help make home life easier, reducing clutter to enjoy your home, comforts and space around you can be difficult sometimes without the right tools!

Enter Katrina Springer, creator of the The Organised Housewife, a blogger posting various printables, recipes, tips and ideas to organise busy wives, lives and homes. Springer has become the messiah and go-to blogger for individuals wanting to gain helpful insights into homemaking and generating easy routines for the whole family. For making home life easier, managing food is a major component for any mum.

Springer’s vast range of easy and quick recipes include meal ideas for every occasion, baking and thermomix ideas, lunch box options and fun food projects for the holidays.

For her big book of recipes see:

A few of our favourites are:

 Non-sandwich lunch ideas: Every child is different and yours may not like the standard ham sandwich, so Springer has compiled some easy ideas and recipes to help spark some lunchbox inspiration!

A perfect meal plan: fish tacos and more: Struggling to know what to cook for dinner? Take a page out of Katrina’s book!

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