Redecorate without the mess!

Redecorating the kids’ rooms can be a time-consuming task. Not to mention messy if painting is involved.

If the play room or a little one’s bedroom is requiring a makeover, rest assured that you don’t need to spend your entire weekend painting or moving furniture.

Here are some simple ways to give a room a revamp that won’t take all day!


DIY Artwork

If the walls are looking a bit bare or the same movie poster has been up for a year (and it’s beginning to fray!) simply adding some new art to the wall can brighten up a room. Get the kids to work with some paints, Popsicle sticks, crayons and paper for the afternoon. Buy some simple A4 frames and hang up the best works of art on the wall.


A fresh rug

Swapping out an old rug for a new one can work wonders. Try colour blocking or going for a monochromatic print to make a room look larger.


Wall murals

ProArt Wall Murals not only transform kids bedrooms and playrooms into magical havens, they also take the mess and stress out of redecorating.

With a range of designs, the latest release of murals features the lovable characters from Disney’s hit film, Moana, in real life.

The film follows a spirited teenager and her new friend Maui as they navigate the open ocean on a thrilling voyage, confronted by enormous sea creatures and impossible odds. The Murals come in three designs, each featuring the courageous pair, bright colours and excitement.


Get inspired by Pinterest

We love Pinterest because it is absolutely overflowing with amazing DIY and decorating inspiration. If trawling through the hundred of thousands of images seems cumbersome – we’ve done the hard work for you! Check out our Pinterest page for some amazing DIY ideas.



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