The beginning of a new school year is an exciting, yet challenging time for both children and parents. As little ones revel in the fun and enthusiasm of the year ahead, parents can begin to feel weighed down by the stress of trying to establish a school routine. 

There’s no question that routines are a great way to encourage family organisation and keep children engaged throughout the day, whilst also creating valuable time for winding down and enjoying entertaining activities. The great thing is, establishing a routine doesn’t have to be daunting and can turn into a fun experience for both you and your little one!

Starting to implement school routines early in the year is super important for children. The earlier little ones become aware of these routines and get into the habit of following processes for getting ready, coming home from school and going to bed, the easier it will be to maintain a happy and superbly organised household.

Weekly wall planners are a fantastic way to keep the family organised and up to date on household chores and upcoming family events. The Days of the Week Wall Decals by RoomMates are great for planning your week out in advance and offer a stimulating reminder for little ones to stick to their school routines.

Having dedicated areas of the home for completing tasks is another simple trick for getting kids motivated to complete their daily tasks. This may be as simple as having an inspiring place for kids to do their homework or enjoy playtime with their favourite toys. We love the range of desks from Worlds Apart and stimulating toys from BRIO – great for rewarding little ones who work hard to stick to their routine! 

Lastly, all great routines start the night before. Ensuring that your children head off to bed on time and get enough sleep is vital for a happy household. Making sure children are heading off to bed at a consistent time and have everything set out for the next day before they go to sleep will make the morning routine easier for both little ones and parents. Encourage responsibility by having your kids pack their own back pack and letting them choose their own design will also help keep them motivated to stick to this routine.

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