Christmas with kids is a time full of excitement. If you’re looking to avoid the all too familiar “I’m bored!” during the holidays while simultaneously getting into the festive spirit then why not consider starting a new tradition with the kids this year?

Any time is a good time to introduce a new Christmas ritual and we’ve got a few that will keep the kids occupied.                  

Create Christmas Thank You Cards

Make it a yearly craft task for the kids to cut, colour, glue and draw their own thank you cards to give to those who give them gifts each year. Set up a table with all the crafty staples and let them unleash their creative side.

Bake Special Christmas Cookies

Come up with your own recipe or use one like this one. Once the cookies are baked arm the kids with frosting and edible glitter pens to help decorate them for Christmas.

Make your own Christmas calendars

The best decorated calendar wins. Make the count down to Christmas even more exciting with hand made calendars. If the kids miss the chocolate from the store bought calendars, use sticky tape to attach chocolate coins or mini freddo frogs.

Make Christmas Eve a little more memorable

Christmas Day is always over so quickly. Extend the good feelings by making Christmas Eve a magical night too. Make it a board game night, or have a vote for which Christmas movie should be watched with some homemade snacks. Christmas Eve is already pretty exciting for kids (Santa’s coming!) so keeping the kids occupied with a new tradition that allows you to put your feet up at the same time is a double win.

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