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A bedroom is a magical place with endless possibilities for children. Ensuring that they have a comfortable and engaging environment to learn and grow in will assist with their development and education. Christmas is the perfect time to treat your child to the bedroom of their dreams that will nurture their curious mind and act as a space for them to express their creativity for many years to come. 

Surprising your little one on Christmas Day with a bedroom makeover can be done in a few different ways. One of the easiest is simply placing all of the boxes around your Christmas tree. This will make an impressive display on Christmas morning and they’ll love having the opportunity to choose where every item is placed in their room.

Creating the ideal bedroom environment can help make the transition from crib to toddler bed much easier for both children and parents. If you’re struggling to get your little one to stay tucked up in bed, a transitionary toddler bed is a great way to ensure children sleep safely and soundly all though the night. 

Themed toddler beds are also fantastic for injecting creativity into any child’s room, without having to break the budget. One of our favourites is the Worlds Apart Lightning McQueen Toddler bed, with bright colours, the ability to light up and a familiar character transporting your little ones into a world of fun.

For children who just love to let their imaginations run wild at the expense of a neat and tidy room, storage bins are a great way to get them to tidy up in no time. Fun and exciting themed bins, such as the Worlds Apart Frozen 6 Bin Storage is a great way to teach children responsibility whilst keeping toys off the floor and easily accessible for play time.



Add the finishing touches to any kid’s Christmas room makeover with a little personalisation. Making your child’s room really feel like their own will help to create a sanctuary for them that they will cherish well into the future. A great way to personalise whilst also keeping up with their latest interests is with fun and creative wall decals. The RoomMates Decal range offers a wide range of exciting, unique and cost-effective options for personalisation and with a fast and residue free application and removal process, they are easy to apply, removable and repositionable meaning that you’ll love them too!



By creating an environment specifically tailored to your child’s needs and interests, you can curate a bedroom that they will love spending time in. If you find your child wakes up throughout the night, providing them with a space that they enjoy being in may help them feel more at ease and sleep better at night.

For parents thinking of gifting their children with a room makeover this Christmas, read our blog post on Picking Out Bedroom Décor With Your Child for additional tips, tricks and inspiration on creating their dream room this festive season.




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