When it comes to delighting, entertaining and educating young children, few brands are as successful as BRIO. With over 130 years of experience in developing innovative and imaginative children’s toys, BRIO has a wide variety of toys that your child will love this Christmas.

1. Stacking Clown


This classic wooden stacking toy has been teaching children coordination and order since 1958 and continues to engage babies all over the world today. With the help of this amusing Stacking Clown, your little one will master the art of stacking rings on the pin in order, as their hand-eye coordination improves with practice. 


2. Sensory Blocks



Encouraging your child to explore their senses, BRIO’s sensory blocks are perfect for capturing their imagination and encouraging their interest in different types of structures, materials, shapes, colours and sounds. The options are endless with this award winning toy, they will love stacking them up and tearing them down!


3. Rolling Mirror



For curious little minds who love exploring their surroundings, this is the perfect gift. The simple design gives them the opportunity to investigate different visual situations by moving the beads up and down the posts. Featuring soft plastic sides, this Rolling Mirror is robust and protected against impact.


4. Teething Ring



If your child is going through their teething phase, this Teething Ring provides comfort and relief with its soft outer ring. However, an element of entertainment is also included with the beads on the inside that make a fun rattling sound. This Teething Ring has been specifically designed to be easily grasped by mini hands so that it can be shaken.


5. Bead Play



Another BRIO classic, Bead Play will provide hours of experimentation for curious and inquisitive little minds. Perfect for your future mathematician, this toy helps young children develop a sense of numbers and organisation.

With the help of these entertaining gift options for families with young children or those preparing for their first Christmas as a parent, you can rest assured your baby will be engaged and entertained on Christmas Day!


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