For families with busy schedules, sometimes it can be difficult to find as much time as you would like to spend together. Family game night is a great way to make sure the entire family has the chance to get together and bond.

When it comes to selecting a game to play, focus on finding something interactive that caters to various ages. Along with this, look for games that are fun to watch so that your little ones won’t get bored when it’s not their turn. One of our favourite games at the moment is Spin to Sing. This talent show inspired game allows you to sing along to your favourite pop song. All the participants also get to be judges and vote on their favourite performer. Who knows, you might even find that there is a future superstar in your midst! 

Spin to Sing is currently available from Toys R Us Australia here

Prepare some game night treats like popcorn, pretzels and cheese bites. Your little ones will look forward to getting an extra treat after dinner during the week, making it even more exciting. To encourage more participation, perhaps allow the winner of last week’s game night to choose what snacks you serve!

To make family game night feel even more special, use colourful or patterned plates. Perhaps even have a special set of plates reserved for family game night. Crocodile Creek have a huge range of bowls, plates, cups and more that are perfect for setting your game night snacks.

You can browse through Crocodile Creek’s Eat range here.  

Consider putting small prizes that are up for grabs. To ensure that all your children feel included these can be awarded for things like “most improved”, “most impressive effort” and “most enthusiastic” as opposed to “winner”. These prizes do not need to be big. Some fun prize ideas that will evoke some excitement from your little ones could include glitter pens, bubbles or stickers.

Family game night is the perfect way to create memories and enjoy quality time with your family. For more inspiration on ways you can make your next family game night even better, follow us on Facebook!




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