Crack out the paints and pencils!

Crafts is the ultimate play time for kids, it allows them to explore their creative side and is a great bonding activity! Here are 3 DIY craft ideas for the kids these holidays.

The BFG Paper Plate Dream Catchers Craft

Inspired by Roald Dahl and Disney’s the BFG, these paper plate dream catchers are an easy kids craft for toddlers to big kids! There are unlimited possibilities when creating these gorgeous dream catchers and they allow your children to explore their artistic side! You’ll need paper plates, yarn, crayons, sequins, a hole punch, scissors and decorations of your choice (we like pom-poms and paddle pop sticks). Click here to find out how your little ones can start creating their dream catcher! 


How to make a fire breathing dragon using a cardboard toilet roll

Awesome mummy blogger @kate_laughingkidslearn shows the creative way your kids can make a fire breathing dragon using a cardboard toilet roll to help develop their oral motor skills!

Firstly, decorate your toilet roll with some bright, colourful paper. Whilst the toilet roll is drying, cut out some yellow and orange tissue paper into long strips (20cm) for the fire. Lay out one long strip of masking tape and attach the ends of the coloured tissue paper strips to it, then curl the masking tape and create a tube. Add glue to the inside of the toilet roll and place the ‘fire’ inside one end. There you have it, your own personal fire breathing dragon!

Click here to find out more about this creative crafts idea! 


Mess-free craft task – Ziploc Bag Painting

This is an amazing way to introduce your children to painting, mess-free! Simply take a large ziplock bag, slide in a piece of paper and squirt some paint into the bag. Seal it off and then give it to your child. They can move the paint around with their fingers to create a masterpiece without the big mess. Make sure the Ziploc bag is tightly closed, or as an alternative, tape the bag to the table so it cannot be opened.


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