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Between the gift-wrapping, cooking and getting you little ones organised, Christmas can quickly turn from one of the most joyous to one of the most stressful times of the year for parents. To help you beat the Christmas stress this year, we have the three tips to help make Christmas Day stress-free and enjoyable for the entire family.


1. Check, Test & Assemble Toys Prior to Christmas Morning

It’s the Christmas morning disaster that can be easily avoided with simple preparation before the big day. Children, particularly toddlers, are rarely interested in the box their shiny new toy comes in and are simply bursting at the seams to get playing. Avoid Christmas day stress by assembling new toys a few days before, ensuring to test for any faults to avoid any tears or tantrums on the day itself. Another great way to avoid unnecessary Christmas day stress is to have a few spare batteries on hand for any gifts that may not have these already included. 



2. Do Away with Hectic Christmas Schedules by Planning Ahead

We are frequently guilty of trying to plan every minute of Christmas in order to ensure the day runs smoothly, often at the expense of our own sanity. Get on top of your Christmas stress by planning ahead. Getting in early for your gift and grocery shopping, planning your Christmas Day meals, ensuring all gifts are wrapped prior to the night before and packing the car for anywhere the day may take you are all great ways to ensure you are Christmas day ready. As for the day itself, try not to stick to a fixed schedule as this will just put unnecessary pressure on you, instead enjoy quality time with family and friends. 



3. Enjoy Time at Home

Perhaps one of the most stressful parts of the Christmas day madness is the travel. Whether you’re planning a vacation or heading off to celebrate at a family member’s house, try to cut down on the time spent on the road and enjoy time in the comfort of your own home. If you are travelling, try doing so the day before to avoid spending hours on the road on Christmas Day. Kids will love spending more time playing with their new and exciting gifts whilst parents have the chance to relax and unwind throughout the day.

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