Planning a family trip is exciting, but travel with little ones sometimes isn’t all smooth sailing. Little co-pilots can often dictate the travel time more so than you, so it’s important to be prepared for any issues that might arise.  

Whether you’re travelling by car, plane or train, we have some tips to help you ensure that travelling with your children goes smoothly.

What is most important to remember when travelling with little ones is to be prepared and be flexible. Things happen! Try writing out a list of anything and everything that might become a challenge and mentally prepare yourself for each one. Preparation will help calm you down and gives you an outline on how to handle anything that might come your way. If you wind up having to take a detour, enjoy the ride!

There’s nothing worse than a hungry tummy on the road. To bust travel time munchies, try packing a snack pack for each child. Stock their lunchbox with healthy travel snacks like dry cereal, granola bars, string cheese, trail mix or any other favourite snack they might have. Make on the road hydration even more fun with Crocodile Creek Tritan drinking bottles. Hydrate and stay entertained with these fun, exciting and beautifully designed bottles made specifically for little ones.

Long journeys are especially tiring for children. Be sure to take their favourite blanket and cuddly toy to help them feel comfortable and get some sleep while you’re in transit, this will ensure that they are not overly fatigued when you arrive at your destination (which also helps to minimise tantrums!).

Finally, it’s important to make sure children stay entertained while travelling, so make sure you prepare plenty of activities to keep them busy. Crocodile Creek Puzzles in a Canister are perfect for any trip. These beautifully illustrated puzzles each come in a cheerful and decorated canister with a handle for easy transit, making it the perfect travel accessory and child’s toy.

Still don’t feel as though you have enough to keep your little one entertained for the road ahead? Make packing a delight with Crocodile Creek Out-and-About Backpacks. These high quality and durable backpacks are available in a variety of vibrant colours and cute designs. Perfect for children ages 3-8, these packs make it easy to bring toys and activities along for any adventure. 


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