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In this digital age, ready technology such as tablets and laptops are becoming more prominent in school classrooms and are almost in every home! The internet is a wealth of knowledge for your kids and with more and more young children going online it’s important for parents to be aware of and understand how to implement proper cyber security.

  1. Cyber bullying:

Cyber bullying is the use of technology to bully a person or group with the intent to hurt them socially, psychologically or even physically. It’s important for parent to talk to their children about online safety and what behaviour is appropriate online. If you feel as though your child may be a victim of cyber bullying from school, it is important to report that behaviour immediately to your child’s school and get in touch with the all parties involved and to advise your child to not participate or respond to the cyber bullying.


  1. Online gaming

With so many free online games at your child’s disposal, it is important to know which games are appropriate for their age and how much time their spending on these games. Keep an eye out for games that ask for payments or personal information!


  1. Safe surfing

Protect your kids from illegal or offensive content with kids safe mode on laptops, computers and mobile phones!


For more information on cyber safety: bit.ly/204Ec2r

Kids Helpline: bit.ly/1gh2rXG

Parent resources on Cyber safety for kids: bit.ly/1VENy3G


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