A child growing up is inevitable, meaning no sooner than kids start getting teeth do they start losing them. Having a little one lose their first tooth is an extremely exciting time for both parent and child. Along with one less tooth comes the magical experience of a visit from the tooth fairy!

We’ve compiled some of our favourite tooth fairy tricks that are guaranteed to ignite your little ones imagination!

Keeping kids excited about brushing their teeth and consistently practicing good oral hygiene can be quite the challenge for parents. The good news is with a little magic from the tooth fairy, getting kids to enjoy this daily task can be made a bit easier. Instead of telling kids that not brushing their teeth will lead them to having their teeth pulled by the dentist and making them scared for these trips, try reminding them that a happy and healthy mouth is always best and will be rewarded by the tooth fairy!

For a bit of extra tooth fairy enchantment why not try to incorporate some fairy dust. Glitter is a fantastic way to add a special touch to your little ones bedside table or perhaps the money they have been lucky enough to receive in exchange for their tooth.

We love this simple trick for making tiny fairy footprints using a dolls shoe and glitter. Simply use the doll shoe as a stencil on a table or window still and cover with glitter, remove the shoe and you’ll have a footprint surrounded by magical fairy dust! 



Ensure you don’t wake up your child reaching under their pillow whilst they sleep by having them place their tooth in a special tooth fairy trinket box on their bedside table. Having little ones create their own box will add to the joy and excitement of losing a tooth, whilst making the tooth fairy visit a little easier for parents.

A visit from the tooth fairy can also be used as a fantastic learning experience for little ones. Have them write a thank you letter to the tooth fairy to help teach gratitude and appreciation.

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