For parents searching for the perfect gift for children 12-18 months old, there are a number of different gift choices to consider that will engage, educate and entertain your child. 

Children in the age bracket of 12-18 months are in a pivotal stage of their development, trying to understand the world around them and express their curiosity through experimentation and play. Therefore, supporting them as they begin to interact with their surroundings in a greater capacity is essential.

This can be achieved by carefully selecting gifts that will reinforce their desire to learn and discover through play, the brain’s favourite way to learn and absorb new information.

One of most vital skills that little one’s begin to develop at this age is hand-eye coordination. You can help them as they hone this skill through your choice of Christmas gift.

A ball is a wonderful gift that offers endless play options that will support your child’s development of spacial awareness. However, it is important to look for a smaller sized ball, made from softer material that is specifically designed for younger children. 



Crocodile Creek’s Infant Balls will provide little one’s with countless hours of entertainment. These balls are designed with soft material and are smaller in size, making them perfect for children aged 12-18 months.

It is around this age that children also start to expand their problem solving capabilities. Every new experience is a learning opportunity for little minds, which should be kept in mind when selecting their Christmas gifts. Toys that incorporate counting or organisation can help expand these abilities in a fun way.



One of our favourite toys for introducing children to numerical concepts in a fun way is BRIO’s Shape Puzzle. This classic early learning toys provides hours of experimentation for curious small minds. By matching up the spinning blocks, they will start to understand how various shapes interact with each other.

Along with this, as your child’s mobility skills increase, they will seek new ways to investigate their surroundings and explore. Toys that promote balance, movement and mobility skills will captivate your little one and boost their confidence skills. 



BRIO’s Ride On Dachshund is a modern alternative to BRIO’s first ever toy, the rocking horse. This toy, constructed from high-quality solid wood helps develop balance and coordination skills. The perfect companion for all their adventures, your child will adore this innovative twist on a classic toy that has been delighting children for generations.

To learn more about how you can support your little one’s learning processes through your choice of gifts this holiday season, read our blog post on How Play Can Benefit Your Child’s Development here.



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