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Spin It, Sing It, Win it! Spin the Mic to select a performer who has to sing to one of the tracks on your phone. Each fellow player scores your performance and at the end of the game, the performer with the highest average score wins! Jeopardy cards add a hilarious twist to a performance and watch the winner’s ‘best bits’ photo montage at the end – just like a real talent show! The game follows the formula of popular TV talent shows:
Live performance; Judging panel with a 5 Star scoring system - How brutal will your friends be?!; Winner’s montage - Just like X Factor

• Multi player up to 6 
• Free APP (Included) 
• App uses music/playlist from your smart phone 
• Jeopardy cards add a hilarious twist to performances
• Each player has 3 x lifelines – Pass, Shuffle and Group Sing
• Set up players by taking a Selfie at the beginning of the game
• App will take candid ‘selfies’ of your performance as you sing and compile them into your winner’s journey
• iPhone and Android compatible 


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