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As parents we know too well the importance of nurturing the growing minds of our children. Learning is such a rewarding experience for both parents and kids as you guide them to strengthen their social skills and help develop important cognitive processes that will ease the transition into formal learning environments such as pre-school and kindergarten. 

Toys are a fantastic way to encourage learning in a fun way that both challenges and excites little ones. We’ve compiled a few of our favourite toys and the important skills they help to encourage. 


Problem Solving



We all know adults rely on their problem solving skills to make decisions on a daily basis. But it’s just as important for our little ones to learn these skills as they grow and develop. Puzzles are an engaging way to help children nurture their problem solving skills, by setting goals and encouraging thought and consideration as to how they can complete it. We love the fun and exciting themes in the Crocodile Creek range and with puzzles suitable for all ages you are bound to find the perfect one for your little Einstein. 


Team Work



Just as important as it is for little ones to work together its important children learn to interact in social situations and develop communication skills. Physical play is not only great for nurturing active kids, but can also help to develop motor and social skills for children as they take this activity from individual to collaborative play settings. For children beginning to develop their social skills through ball play, try using a soft ball to avoid any unwanted injuries and as children become more confident you can progress to a harder or shaped ball. The Crocodile Creek ball range are perfect for kids of any age with bright, bold colours and patterns to stimulate and excite little ones.


Balance and Coordination



Skills such as balance and coordination are vital for little ones venturing off to school and sport activities. BRIO’s range of pull along toys are an easy way to get kids developing their balance and other important physical skills at an early age as they are enchanted by the movement of their new friend!

For other ways you can nurture your child’s development read our blog on ways to stimulate your child’s learning at any age!





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