In this post we'll be introducing the types of play and the role of creative play in your childs development. 

There are many different types of play and children can be involved in more than one type of play at any time. There are many names and categories for the different types of play but they all exist somewhere amongst these five categories:

  • Creative play

  • Physical play

  • Dramatic play

  • Manipulative play

  • Games with rules

Let’s begin by first looking at creative play. Creative play allows for children to use their imagination and make something out of nothing! They are able to express themselves, their thoughts, feelings and ideas by using their imagination and creativity. They can be creative in any way they desire, through toys, arts and crafts, dance or playing with found materials. There is no right or wrong in creative play and the most important thing is the process of creating. Children will be creative in many ways and it is important to support them especially when they are disappointed in their efforts. Creative play promotes learning through trial and error, which is a valuable life lesson. 

These coloured blocks from Childsmart brand Brio are perfect to spark creativity amongst your child:

More information on the above can be found from the following:

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