The third form of play, dramatic play encourages kids to use their imagination. Read more.


Dramatic play is one of the five different types of play children take part in and holds many similarities with creative play, including the use of imagination in play. Through dramatic play children take on roles in pretend games about familiar experiences. Dramatic play provides an opportunity for children to imagine, create and experience a sense of wonder. It enables them to create what they dream about and includes pretending with objects, actions and situations. The child often constructs stories and scenarios and acts out fantasy events and creatures such as fairies and superheroes.

Dramatic play assists in the developmental process of children especially in relation to language. When the child puts themselves in a particular scenario, for example being a doctor, they must act entirely as a doctor would, including how a doctor would speak. As they soak up words they hear around them, they will try to use these words and put these words into context when in dramatic play. 

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