The fifth and final form of play is games with rules. Read our post to learn more.

The final type of play is games with rules. Play is not just about giving your child something to occupy them for a couple of hours but have a large impact on their development. Games with rules are about allowing children to create rules to reach a shared objective in a game. In the beginning children often play by their own flexible rules and in time take part in more conventional games with external rules. Games with rules vary from peek-a-boo to pretend play to playing board games. Rules are an important part of children’s play as they negotiate rules about what can and cannot be done.

Games with rules are important in learning and development for children as they learn a variety of skills such as:

  • Communication

  • Negotiation

  • Compliance

  • Social

Furthermore, games with rules help with language development amongst children as they explain, question and negotiate the rules amongst each other. 

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