What is manipulative play and how does it effect the development of your childs skills?

Another type of play, manipulative play is alike to physical play in a sense and not as the name suggests about manipulating your heart-strings! This form of play focuses on children practicing and refining motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Over time children and as children develop they will experience and master a range of increasing levels of manipulation which will directly relate to the development of their motor skills.

Manipulative play develops fine motor skills for manipulating objects with control, visually tracking pictures and using their sense of touch and sight. This type of play also refers to activities where children move, turn or screw items to make them fit. This type of play can be solo, alongside a companion or interactively playing with a companion. Children develop many skills in addition to refining motor skills through manipulative play including:

  • Practice decision making

  • Practice trial and error

  • Learn about size, shape, weight, length and height

  • Learn problem solving skills

  • Develop concentration and perseverance

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