Introducing physcial play, learn what it is and the role it plays in your childs development.

Physical play is another category associated with the different types of play for children. This form of play is related to bodily movements and control. This type of play allows children to develop, practice and refine their bodily movements including whole body and limb movements, coordination and balance. Physical play allows children to explore movements and ways to combine movements and includes activities that use physical movements to allow children to use their energy and develop gross and fine motor skills. Physical play is not only important for the developmental process of children but also essential for a healthy lifestyle. According to the Australian Department of Health, physical inactivity is the fourth leading cause of death due to Non-communicable Diseases worldwide; therefore, physical play is essential to your child’s health as well as their development.

Ways in which physical play can help children develop muscles and gross motor skills include:

  • Walking forward, backward and sideway

  • Jumping up and down

  • Running, stopping and starting

Ways to develop fine motor skills include:

  • Building blocks

  • Putting jigsaws together

  • Assembling construction materials

Ways to develop coordination skills:

  • Kicking a ball

  • Catching a ball

  • Pedaling on a bicycle along a straight path

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