Besides being a great way to keep kids occupied when you need to get things done around the house (or when you just need 30 minutes of alone time!) Puzzles are also a fantastic toy to aid development. 

Here are some of the ways getting through a puzzle can help kids:

Improved Problem Solving

Completing even a simple puzzle requires determination and goal setting. Toddlers and children have to think and develop a strategy in order to finish a puzzle. These skills are invaluable in promoting determination and helping kids to develop solutions that translate into later life.

Developing fine motor skills

Puzzles are tricky and fun way for kids to develop and improve upon their fine motor skills.  Puzzle play requires children to engage in tactile reasoning, challenging them to pick up and manipulate pieces to fit them into the right place.

Social skills and cooperation

Puzzles are one of those fantastic toys that allow children to work together. Having kids work out how to finish a puzzle with a friend or sibling promotes teamwork, cooperation and the development of communication skills. Plus, watching two kids get through a problem-solving task is a pretty brilliant thing to see as a parent!

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