Why specialised beds for your toddlers can aid in their development.

The transition from a cot is a positive stage in a child’s life as it is a step toward independence. However, this process can be more difficult for some children than others as they adapt to the change.

When a child first moves into a single bed it is not unusual for them to fall out of it, as a single bed is much larger than the cot they are used to. A recent survey showed that one in six parents said that moving their toddler from a cot to their first big bed was the time when they lost the most sleep*.

As children develop there are many different styles and sizes of beds to choose from. Children are usually ready to move out of their cots between the ages of 18 months and three years*, but they may not be ready for a single bed at this stage.

Recognising that this is a difficult time for children and their families, Childsmart offers a range of toddler beds by leading children’s brand Worlds Apart to provide a safe sleeping option during the transition from cot to a single bed.

Perfect for the stage before a single bed, when a child is growing out of their cot, toddler beds are smaller and much lower to the ground and have protective sides so they can be easier for a toddler to adjust to, and ensure they feel safe, and of utmost importance to any toddler, the beds look super cute and are available in a range of fun, colourful designs.

The Toddler Bed Collections by Worlds Apart offer a safe solution to help transition children from a cot to a single bed, and are suitable for children aged between 18 months and 5 years of age. Key features include:

·       Side guards to ensure tumble free nights

·       Bar free so that your child can get out of bed to use the toilet in the night

·       Solid and strong construction tested to the most stringent safety standards.

·       Quick and easy assembly with step-by-step instructions. 

·       Ideal size and height for toddlers aged approximately 18 months – 5 years.

Toddler Beds are available in a range of fun designs to suit any bedroom or personality, to see the full range go to www.childsmart.com.au/worlds-apart to see the full range of toddler beds and locate your nearest stockist.

 *All statistics are taken from Worlds Apart’s PowWow initiative where they gather the knowledge needed to make a difference with the products they create 

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